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Cùng lưu lại những Synonyms cực chất trong bộ Cam huyền thoại các bạn nhé! 

Cambridge 4 TEST 1

  1. underdeveloped=degenerated=rudimentary
  2. ignore=pay no attention=not pay any attention=take no notice=not take any notice
  3. curriculum=course=syllabus
  4. important=vital=essential=crucial
  5. surprised=amazed=astonished=astounded=be taken aback=startled adj.
  6. destruction=destroy=loss
  7. investigate=make inquiries=enquiries=go into=probe=look into
  8. where=geographical location
  9. easy to reach=accessible
  10. reason=cause=factor=origins=root=stimulus=impetus
  11. protect=guard=safeguard=shield=conservation
  12. newspapers, television=media
  13. where to live=habitat
  14. get warmer=global warming
  15. contribute to=play a part
  16. survive=continuing existence
  17. mistaken view=misconception
  18. link to=be connected with=be linked with
  19. encounter=face=confront=meet
  20. poor=bad=badly=not very good=no good at something=weak
  21. exceptional=good=excellent=outstanding=brilliant=impressive=admirable
  22. mating=courtship.
  23. follow=track=tail=shadow=hound=stalk
  24. good vision ability=vision is obviously more useful..
  25. best=well=greatest=finest=ideal=top
  26. change=modify(modification)
  27. volunteer=subject
  28. similar=resemble=like=alike
  29. blind=can not see

Cambridge 4 TEST 2

  1. reluctant=unwilling=not willing=drag your feet=be loath to do something=conservative
  2. rehearsal=practice=training=run-through=exercise
  3. teach=educate=train=coach=instruct=bring up
  4. therapist=someone who has been trained to give a particular form of treatment for physical or mental illness
  5. long-term=chronic=long-running
  6. beneficial=be good for you/ do somebody good=wholesome=nutritious=nourishing=healthful
  7. defensive=used or intended to protect someone or something against attack
  8. traditional=old-fashioned=outdated=outmoded=unfashionable
  9. fail=failure=not succeed = unsuccessful = vain = fruitless = unproductive =be a failure=go wrong=not work=do no good=fall through
  10. assist=help=aid=with the aid of
  11. diverse=varied=variety=wide-ranging=mixed
  12. inevitable=certain to happen and impossible to avoid
  13. differ from=unusual
  14. initiative=on your own/by yourself=independently=on your own initiative=under your own steam=to be the person who starts something=plan=law
  15. consult=ask somebody’s advice=seek advice=get/obtain advice
  16. alternative=another=other=different=new=else=variation=variant
  17. more than one language=bilingual=sb’s second language
  18. retrain=taking courses
  19. salary=pay=wage=income=earnings=fee
  20. determine=establish=identify=pinpoint=diagnose
  21. complaint=complain=make a complaint=protest=object=complain
  22. illness=disease=virus=bug=infection
  23. connection=relationship=link=correlation
  24. young people=teenager=youth=in your teens=adolescent=minor
  25. insight=comprehension=understandingphysical=relating to the body=bodily
  26. hazard=risk=danger=threat
  27. accompany=with=together=along with=come
  28. mental=relating to the health or state of someone’s mind
  29. possible=possibility=can=potential=there is a chance/possibility
  30. reduction=decrease=drop=fall=cut
  31. class=type=kind=sort=style=category=variety
  32. increase=go up=rise=grow=climb=gain=escalate=pick up=widen=be on the increase=intensify=expand
  33. peer=your peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class
  34. community=all the people in a particular area, city, country
  35. strategy=way=method=approach=technique=system=tactics
  36. endanger=to put someone or something in danger of being hurt=damaged=destroyed
  37. specific=give (somebody) more details=expand on=enlarge on=go into more=greater detail=be more specific=be more explicit=elaborate
  38. substance=a particular type of solid, liquid, or gas
  39. surroundings=environment=circumstance
  40. engage=give somebody a job=employ=take on= appoint = recruit = sign up
  41. combine=mix=stir=beat=blend=whisk=dilute
  42. survival=the state of continuing to live or exist

Cambridge 4 TEST 3

  1. unpredictable=can’t say/tell=unforeseeable=it remains to be seen
  2. objective=impartial=neutral=not take sides=unbiased=disinterested
  3. explain=tell=say what/why/where etc=show=demonstrate=go through=throw/shed light on=set out
  4. outline= to describe something in a general way, giving the main points but not the details
  5. self-conscious=worried and embarrassed about what you look like or what other people think of you
  6. encourage=persuade=persuasion=get somebody to do something=influence=encourage=talk somebody into=put somebody up to
  7. loan= an amount of money that you borrow from a bank etc.
  8. comment=remark=thing to say=point=statement= announcement=declaration=observation
  9. crime= illegal activities in general
  10. reject=to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with something
  11. employ=give somebody a job=take on=engage= appoint=recruit=sign up
  12. courier=a person or company that is paid to take packages somewhere
  13. storage=keep=store=keep something in storage=preserve
  14. facility=rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose
  15. ambitious=ambition=power-hungry/power-mad=competitive= determined to be successful, rich, powerful etc.
  16. effort=to try very hard to do something= attempt=campaign=drive
  17. feature= a part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or typical;a part of the land, especially a part that you can see: a part of someone’s face, such as their eyes, nose etc
  18. planet= the world=earth/Earth=the globe .
  19. quotation= a sentence or phrase from a book, speech etc
  20. machinery=machines, especially large ones
  21. ultimate=someone’s ultimate aim is their main and most important aim
  22. atmosphere= the feeling that an event or place gives you= the mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth;
  23. occur=happen=take place=there is=come about=come up=turn up=arise=strike
  24. expand= get bigger=grow=swell up=stretch,
  25. form= type= way something is/appears=shape
  26. emerge=appear=become visible=come into view/come into sight=comeout=reappear
  27. emit= to send out gas, heat, light, sound etc .
  28. situation= circumstances=position=case=plight
  29. purpose=aim=point=idea=objective=object=goal= target=end
  30. generate= to make someone have a particular feeling=form=produce=create
  31. various=there are several different types of that thing=different
  32. convenient= a thing or way of doing something that is easy and quick; a time or arrangement that is convenient
  33. exemplify= example=case=instance=to be a very typical example of something=to give an example of something
  34. enquiry=investigate=make inquiries/enquiries=go into=probe=look into=solve=be under investigation
  35. observe=notice=can see/can tell=see=spot=detect=note become aware/conscious=catch somebody’s eye=perceive
  36. poverty= being poor
  37. include=consist of=comprise=be composed of= be made up of,
  38. focus on=deals only with=concentrate
  39. affect=have an effect=have an impact=take effect= make a difference=impact
  40. gained from=come from=be based on=originate= go back to=have its origins in=have its roots in=derive from/be derived from=develop from/evolve from ….
  41. concern=worry=stress=anxiety=strain= a feeling of worry about something important

Cambridge 4 TEST 4

  1. official=formal=authorized=on (the) record
  2. athletic=physically strong and good at sport=fit=be in shape=be in good condition
  3. intensive=involving a lot of activity, effort, or careful attention in a short period of time=rapid=crash course
  4. burst=a short sudden effort or increase in activity=burst of anger/enthusiasm/temper etc
  5. recognize=know=identify=pick out=tell
  6. inadequate=not enough=too little=few=scarce=insufficient=be in short supply=lack of something=be short
  7. develop=come from=be based on=originate=go back to=have its origins in=have its roots in=derive from=be derived from=be founded on=grow outof=develop from=evolve from
  8. enable=make something possible=allow=permit=pave the way for=clear the way for
  9. predict=anticipate=forecast=foretell=prediction=projected=guess in advance
  10. specialist=someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, or is very skilled at it=expert
  11. theoretical=relating to the study of ideas, especially scientific ideas, rather than with practical uses of the ideas or practical experience
  12. basic= fundamental=essential=central=underlying= simple=crude =primitive=rudimentary=unsophisticated=low-tech
  13. nature=plants/animals etc=somebody’s character=qualities of something=type
  14. aim=purpose=point=idea=objective=object=goal=target=end
  15. translate=change languages=interpret=put something into English/French/Japanese etc
  16. ancient=belonging to a time long ago in history, especially thousands of years ago
  17. realistic=when pictures, films etc make things seem real=lifelike=realism=true to life=vivid,
  18. field=area=branch=world=domain=realm=sphere
  19. document=a piece of paper that has official information on it;a piece of written work that is stored on a computer
  20. equal=the same in number, amount, level etc as something else adj.
  21. influence=effect=side effect=impact=what something does to=the implications
  22. behavior=manner=conduct=behave=well-behaved=good=be on your best=stay out of trouble
  23. compare=to examine or judge two or more things in order to show how they are similar to or different from each other=liken=make a comparison=draw an analogy=draw a parallel=contrast
  24. economically=in a way that is related to systems of money, trade, or business
  25. establish=determine=identify=pinpoint=diagnose=to start a new business or organization.
  26. sustainable=able to continue without causing damage to the environment; able to continue for a long time
  27. realize=know=be/become aware=can tell=appreciate=be conscious=know perfectly well=know/learn from experience
  28. limit=restrict=set/impose/put a limit=keep to/keep within=confine=fix
  29. produce=form=create=generate
  30. guarantee=promise=assure=give somebody your word=swear=vow=commit to=pledge
  31. liberty=freedom=a free hand
  32. independence=self-sufficiency=self-reliance
  33. consistent=always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards etc – usually used to show approval
  34. underestimate=to think or guess that something is smaller, cheaper, easier etc than it really is=to think that someone is not as good, clever, or skilful, as they really ar
  35. provision=when you provide something that someone needs now or in the future

Cambridge 5 TEST 1

  1. produce=develop=manufacture v.
  2. central=middle adj.
  3. did not have=without v.
  4. bring=confer=award=present=grant=confer=allocate=offer v.
  5. time limit=deadline n.
  6. increase=go up/rise=grow=climb=gain=escalate=expand=pick up=widen=intensify=build up
  7. assistant=helper=coach n.
  8. immense = big = major = considerable = great = huge/enormous = tremendous = large scale/large-scale adj.
  9. illustrate=show=be a sign=demonstrate=mean=make clear = reflect = tell=be evidence=reveal v.
  10. quotation=a phrase or sentence that is well-known or often used n.
  11. predecessor=someone who had your job before you started doing it, n.
  12. rival=a person, group, or organization that you compete with in sport, business, a fight etc=competitor, n.
  13. distraction=something that stops you paying attention to what you are doing n.
  14. fault=defect=problem=trouble=flaw=weakness =bug=virus=be something wrong with
  15. cornerstone=basis=foundation=the key n.
  16. confer=award=present=grant=allocate v.
  17. stability=the condition of being steady and not changing n.
  18. prevail=win=come out on top=prevail=carry the day, v.
  19. contract=agreement=understanding=compromise n.
  20. grant=award=present=confer=allocate v.
  21. fascinate=if someone or something fascinates you, you are attracted to them and think they are extremely interesting, v.
  22. disturb=interrupt=bother=distract=put somebody off v.
  23. expect=think=anticipate, v.
  24. psychology=the study of the mind and how it influences people’s behavior n.
  25. obey=comply with=abide by=keep to=stick to the rules=conform to=observe=respect=toe the line=go by the book/do something by the book, v.
  26. identity=someone’s identity is their name or who they are n.
  27. severity=used of the degree of something undesirable n.
  28. unfold=open=happen=develop=expand, v.
  29. deliberately=intentionally=on purpose=purposely adv
  30. moral=relating to the principles of what is right and wrong behavior, and with the difference between good and evil, adj.
  31. prior to=before=previous
  32. repetition=doing or saying the same thing many times n.
  33. genetic=relating to genes or genetics, adj.
  34. sacrifice=when you decide not to have something valuable, in order to get something that is more important v.
  35. victim=someone who has been attacked, robbed, or murdered n.
  36. forge=form=counterfeit v.
  37. persuade=convince=win over=talk around v
  38. surrender=give in, v.
  39. extinct=an extinct type of animal or plant does not exist anymore=disappear=vanish, adj.
  40. abundant=plenty=ample, adj.
  41. exaggerate=overstate v.
  42. phenomenon=something that happens or exists in society, science, or nature, especially something that is studied because it is difficult to understand n.
  43. perception=idea=notion=view=belief=insight n.
  44. impression=infection=effect=influence=affection n.
  45. entitle=to give someone the official right to do or have something / v
  46. distortion=a change for the worse=deformation v.
  47. dispose=to arrange things or put them in their places=arrange=settle=manage=cope with=deal with v.
  48. intuition=the ability to understand or know something because of a feeling rather than by considering the facts=instinct n.
  49. emission=a gas or other substance that is sent into the air, n.
  50. diminish=reduce=decrease=fall=lessen=cut, v.
  51. postpone=put back=delay=adjourn, v.
  52. crucial=important=critical=vital=necessary=essential adj.
  53. pessimistic=expecting that bad things will happen in the future or that something will have a bad result=getting worse adj.
  54. attempt=purpose=order=effort

Cambridge 5 TEST 2

  1. similar=like=resemble adj.
  2. derive=originate=come from=stem from v.
  3. impetus = momentum =stimulus= incentive =motivation = encouragement, n.
  4. generate=produce=bring into existence=make=manufacture v.
  5. couple with=and=accompany=with v.
  6. factor=reason=element=component=ingredient n.
  7. unique=have the distinction=distinct=different=extraordinary=special adj.
  8. advance=progress=development=growth=increase n.
  9. field=domain=territory=industry=sector n.
  10. alternative=substitute=replacement n.
  11. like=such as=for example=for instance
  12. resource=material=source, n.
  13. limited=restricted=exhaustible=finite adj.
  14. involve=rely on=contain=comprise, v.
  15. current=modern=recent=present adj.
  16. particular=extraordinary=special=detail=specific=unique, adj.
  17. draw on=absorb=do with v.
  18. settle on=make choice of=decide on v.
  19. superiority=advantage=edge=high quality n.
  20. accompany=when=keep company=be associated with, v.
  21. view=belief=opinion=insight=perception n.
  22. artificial intelligence=reasoning in machine n.
  23. involve with=associate with=link to=relate to … v.
  24. release=issue=launch=convey=public=deliver v.
  25. difficult=demanding=hard=tough adj.
  26. task=job=work=labour, n.
  27. instantly=rapidly=immediately adv.
  28. react=respond v.
  29. relate to=depend on=link to=associate with=involve with… v.
  30. subject views=outlook=personal/individual views=personal/individual opinions n.
  31. distort=to change the appearance, sound, or shape of something so that it is strange or unclear; to report something in a way that is not completely true or correct=misinterpret v.
  32. figure out=settle=decide=tell=understand v.
  33. assessment=appraisal=evaluation=estimate=judgment, v.
  34. emerge=appear=come forth v.
  35. remain=keep=stay=maintain v.
  36. exploitation=development=utilization=usage, n.
  37. foster=cultivate=raise=nurture, v.
  38. overtake=catch up=sweep over, v.
  39. initial=original=premier, adj.
  40. whereas=however=while=nevertheless=but=yet, adv.

Cambridge 5 TEST 3

  1. outcome=product=result=conclusion=consequence, n.
  2. overcome=win=get over=exceed, v.
  3. insufficient=deficient=shortage=lack=scarcity adj.
  4. supply=provide=furnish=give v.
  5. launch=release=project=send=shot=emit, v.
  6. suppose=expect=imagine=guess=speculate=think, v.
  7. detect=perceive=explore=sense, v.
  8. handicap=difficult=obstacle=hindrance=bar=deterrent, n.
  9. peer=the people who are at the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc., n.
  10. positive=optimistic=uplifting adj.
  11. administer=manage=conduct=implement=perform, v.
  12. funding=money=funds=financial resource, n.
  13. interact=if people interact with each other, they talk to each other, work together etc. v.
  14. irrigation=the supplement of land or crops with water n.
  15. sedimentation=the natural process by which small pieces of rock, earth etc settle at the bottom of the sea etc and form a solid layer n.
  16. interrupt=break=violate=cut in, v.
  17. process=procedure=method=approach n.
  18. threat=danger=intimidation n.
  19. valuable=precious=worthy, adj.
  20. construct=build=make=found v.
  21. blame=to say or think that someone or something is responsible for something bad v.
  22. stimulate=encourage=activate=motivate, v.
  23. long-term=long-run=long-period adj.
  24. impact=affect=influence=effect v.&n.
  25. occur=happen=exist=come v.
  26. contain=include=cover=possess v.
  27. military=battlefield=martial adj.
  28. separate=disparate=distinct=different, adj.
  29. vanish=extinct=disappear v.
  30. consciousness=awareness n.
  31. ignite=light=inflame v.
  32. encompass=include=contain=cover, v.
  33. reckon=think=suppose=believe=imagine=expect=feel v.
  34. widespread=universal=extensive=popular=general, adj.
  35. launch=coin=project=release=issue, v.
  36. contemporary=modern-day, present-day adj.
  37. potential=possible=underlying=likely=expected=latent, adj.
  38. prospect=expectation=outlook=chance, n.
  39. perception=idea=insight=viewpoint, n

Cambridge 5 TEST 4

  1. community=organization=group=body n.
  2. fragile=delicate adj.
  3. remote=distant adj.
  4. require=desire=order=command v.
  5. inhabitant=resident=dweller, n.
  6. consequently=thus=accordingly=hence=therefore=as a result, adv.
  7. destination=goal=end point=terminus n.
  8. throughout=around=wholly=everywhere=end-to-end adv.
  9. operate=act=run v.
  10. output=product n.
  11. decline=reduction=fall=slump=decrease=recession n.
  12. undermine=destroy=damage=hurt=ruin v.
  13. revive=renaissance v.
  14. unusual=rare=strange=uncommon, adj.
  15. ordinary=standard=common=usual=general, adj.
  16. fragment=shard=debris=pieces=ruins n.
  17. break=shatter=crack, v.
  18. interior=inner layer=inside n. &adj.
  19. insist=claim=argue=believe=think, v.
  20. expand=extend=grow=boom=spread out=enhance, v.
  21. suppress=control=restrain=repress=put down = oppress = inhibit= ban= forbid = stifle v.
  22. speed up=increase speed=quicken up=accelerate speed v.
  23. examine=analyse=survey=inspect=study=detect=investigate, v.
  24. dispute=debate=controversy=disagree=argue, n.&v.
  25. detect=analyse=explore=research=survey=investigate=inspect, v.
  26. claim=say=state=insist=argue=think=believe v.
  27. cue=implication=reminder=hint=evidence, n.
  28. unpredictable=fluctuate=changeable adj.
  29. be referred to as=be known as=be regarded as
  30. encourage=induce=trigger=stimulate=boost=inspire, v.
  31. considerable=plenty=big=major=important adj.
  32. regardless of=despite of=take no notice of,adequate=plenty=proper=appropriate=suitable, adj.
  33. assure=make sure=guarantee=ensure=insure=secure=make certain of, v.
  34. suitable=appropriate=proper=adequate=matching adj.

Cambridge 6 TEST 1

  1. exchange=apply something learned in one to others=change v.
  2. expertise=skill n.
  3. employ=analyze=study v.
  4. investigation=analysis n.
  5. narrow=focus on v.
  6. reproduce=copy=replicate=repeat v.
  7. funded support=finance n.
  8. athlete=sportsmen and women n.
  9. calculate=measure v.
  10. event=championship n.
  11. plan=prepare=design v.
  12. improve=grow=get better v.
  13. trade=economy n.
  14. transport=import or export=deliver v.
  15. local=domestic=native=indigenous adj.
  16. weakening=less=reduced=decreased adj.
  17. value=worth=price=credit=use=benefit=profit n.
  18. delivery=export or import n.
  19. nearby nations=geographic neighbours n.
  20. international=ocean=global=worldwide adj.
  21. shipping=freight n.
  22. cargo=freight=goods n.
  23. tariff=charge=fee=tax n.
  24. landscape=environment=nature=surrounding=circumstance=view n.
  25. difficult=harsh=demanding=tough=challenging adj.
  26. essential supplies=food and clothing=necessities n.
  27. supply=provision=support n.
  28. grow=increase=rise=improve=go up=boost=expand=extend v.
  29. respect=credibility=weight=hour=admiration=consideration n.
  30. understanding=knowledge n.
  31. well-being=health n.
  32. impossible=out of the question=unlikely adj.
  33. catch=exploit=capture v.
  34. surrounding=environment=circumstance n.
  35. push to one’s limits=test one’s limits
  36. not unmanageable=can cope with
  37. present inhabitant=descendant
  38. give up=abandon
  39. mainly=heavily=most
  40. visit=venture

Cambridge 6 TEST 2

  1. successfully=spectacularly well=wonderfully adv.
  2. people power=local pressure groups n.
  3. commute=travel v.
  4. higher=increasing=more adj.
  5. income=wealth=salary=wage=payment n.
  6. beneficial=valuable=profitable=good adj.
  7. together=face to face
  8. refute=not mean=rebut=deny v.
  9. accommodation=live=living condition n.
  10. usage=use=benefit=profit n.
  11. averagely good=reasonable but not special
  12. limited=minimal adj.
  13. move from one to another=adopt one over another
  14. show=reveal=uncover=indicate=point out=imply
  15. related=associated adj.
  16. suffer=be afflicted ()v.
  17. research=study=investigation=survey n.
  18. affect=afflict=influence=change v.
  19. disease=medical complain=illness n.
  20. increase=surge=rise=gain=grow=go up=add=escalate v.
  21. link=correlation=connection=relationship n.
  22. considerable=significant=substantial=massive=marked adj.
  23. reduction=drop=concession=fall=decrease n.
  24. elderly people=old people n.
  25. independent=self-reliant adj.
  26. regular=daily adj.
  27. exercise=physical activity n.
  28. challenging=difficult=tough=demanding adj.
  29. decline=deteriorate=reduce=drop=decrease v.
  30. lonely=emotionally isolated adj.
  31. hand signal=gesture=body language n.
  32. restricted=limited adj.
  33. concept=abstract idea=definition n.
  34. specific=particular=detailed adj.
  35. early=older adj.
  36. fulfill=qualify=achieve=keep=satisfy v.
  37. sufficient=enough adj.
  38. quantity=how many=amount n.
  39. misunderstanding=confusion n.
  40. prevent=resolve=forbid=stop v.
  41. poor=lack of=impoverished adj.
  42. newer=later=recent=present adj.
  43. ancestor=early people=predecessor n.

Cambridge 6 TEST 3

  1. teach=educate=cultivate=nature v.
  2. actor=star n.
  3. first=initial=early=primary adj.
  4. storyline=narrative=plot n.
  5. globe=world n.
  6. early=first=ancient
  7. passing of time=flow of time
  8. describe=tell
  9. realistic=achievable
  10. target=goal=aim
  11. feedback=comment=advice=criticism
  12. match to=suit to
  13. reward=promotion or advancement=prize=benefit n.
  14. link to=make something contingent on=associate with=connect with=relate to
  15. achievement=attainment=gain=success n.
  16. remuneration=payment
  17. tend to=prone to
  18. feel=perceive=think=find=experience=notice=have an opinion
  19. participate=be involved in=take part in=join
  20. staff=employee=worker
  21. visible=disclosed=obvious=noticeable
  22. clerical worker=clerk
  23. judge=rate=criticize=assess=evaluate=gauge=appraise .
  24. job=work=assignment
  25. delay=slow=prolong=postpone=procrastinate=shelve=put off
  26. growing old=ageing
  27. people=mortal=people=individual
  28. life=lifespan
  29. chance= likelihood= fortune= hope= possibility =opportunity =risk=luck
  30. production=generation=output
  31. theory=hypothesis=guess=guesswork
  32. focus on=emphasize=aim at=concentrate on
  33. short=scarce=limited=insufficient

Cambridge 6 TEST 4

  1. drug company=pharmaceutical company
  2. common=persistent=normal=usual=ordinary=everyday
  3. increase=escalate=rise=go up=grow .
  4. research=study=survey=investigation
  5. work=be an effective way=be useful=help=achieve=succeed=have an effect=happen=turn out
  6. technique=strategy=skill=expertise=method=way .
  7. effective=useful=beneficial=good=needed
  8. moral=ethical
  9. legitimate=have every right to do=legal=right=authorized
  10. money=profit=benefit=income=currency
  11. adults=men and women
  12. maternal=mother=female
  13. education=literacy=cultivation
  14. child=infant=kid
  15. approximately=about=around=nearly
  16. impressive=greatest=touching=unforgettable
  17. programme=campaign=project
  18. promotion=marketing
  19. be halved=decline by 50%
  20. key=most important=crucial=critical=significant
  21. produce=develop=generate=engineer=manufacture
  22. detailed=explicit=specific
  23. on its own=alone
  24. however=but=yet
  25. self-confidence=assertiveness=confidence
  26. criticism=judgement=skepticism=disapproval=denunciation
  27. distinguish=recognize the difference=differentiate
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