[ IELTS Speaking Part 2] – Describe a skill (by Simon)

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Đây cũng là một trong những đề bài thường được hỏi trong Speaking Part 2.

Tham khảo cách triển khai các em nhé:

Describe a skill Describe a practical skill that you have learnt (e.g. cooking, driving).

You should say

• What the skill is 

• How you learnt it

 • Why you learnt it

• And how this skill has helped you.

Advice: You need to make a quick decision, so I’d choose one of the given examples (cooking or driving).  Then try to expand on each point.

1. I’m going to talk about driving, which is a practical skill that I use almost every day.

2. I learnt to drive a car by taking lessons when I was 17. My parents paid for me to have lessons with a professional driving instructor. I learnt by practising: first I had to get used to steering, changing gears and using the mirrors, then we practised things like reversing and parking. I also had to learn the highway code.

3. As a 17-year-old, I wanted to have the experience of driving a car, and I was fed up with having to walk or take the bus or train whenever I wanted to go somewhere. I also knew that driving would be an extremely useful skill.

4. Being able to drive has helped me in so many ways. The public transport where I live isn’t very good, so I travel to work by car most days. Having a car makes my life much easier when it comes to things like shopping or visiting family and friends. (Last week, for example,…)

Hy vọng với sườn bài mẫu trên đây, các em sẽ có thể hình dung được cách trả lời, và phát triển thêm ý tưởng theo idea của mình nhé.

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