Chinh phục Reading siêu nhanh với 1000 SYNONYMS

Chia sẻ bài viết


Cambridge 4 TEST 1
1. underdeveloped=degenerated=rudimentary
2. ignore=pay no attention=not pay any attention=take no notice=not take any notice
3. curriculum=course=syllabus
4. important=vital=essential=crucial
5. surprised=amazed=astonished=astounded=be taken aback=startled adj.
6. destruction=destroy=loss
7. investigate=make inquiries=enquiries=go into=probe=look into
8. where=geographical location
9. easy to reach=accessible
10. reason=cause=factor=origins=root=stimulus=impetus
11. protect=guard=safeguard=shield=conservation
12. newspapers, television=media
13. where to live=habitat
14. get warmer=global warming
15. contribute to=play a part
16. survive=continuing existence
17. mistaken view=misconception
18. link to=be connected with=be linked with
19. encounter=face=confront=meet
20. poor=bad=badly=not very good=no good at something=weak
21. exceptional=good=excellent=outstanding=brilliant=impressive=admirable
22. mating=courtship.
23. follow=track=tail=shadow=hound=stalk
24. good vision ability=vision is obviously more useful..
25. best=well=greatest=finest=ideal=top
26. change=modify(modification)
27. volunteer=subject
28. similar=resemble=like=alike
29. blind=can not see
Cambridge 4 TEST 2
1. reluctant=unwilling=not willing=drag your feet=be loath to do something=conservative
2. rehearsal=practice=training=run-through=exercise
3. teach=educate=train=coach=instruct=bring up
4. therapist=someone who has been trained to give a particular form of treatment for
physical or mental illness
5. long-term=chronic=long-running
6. beneficial=be good for you/ do somebody
7. defensive=used or intended to protect someone or something against attack
8. traditional=old-fashioned=outdated=outmoded=unfashionable
9. fail=failure=not succeed = unsuccessful = vain = fruitless = unproductive =be a
failure=go wrong=not work=do no good=fall through
10. assist=help=aid=with the aid of
11. diverse=varied=variety=wide-ranging=mixed
12. inevitable=certain to happen and impossible to avoid
13. differ from=unusual
14. initiative=on your own/by yourself=independently=on your own initiative=under your
own steam=to be the person who starts something=plan=law
15. consult=ask somebody’s advice=seek advice=get/obtain advice
16. alternative=another=other=different=new=else=variation=variant
17. more than one language=bilingual=sb’s second language
18. retrain=taking courses
19. salary=pay=wage=income=earnings=fee
20. determine=establish=identify=pinpoint=diagnose
21. complaint=complain=make a complaint=protest=object=complain
22. illness=disease=virus=bug=infection
23. connection=relationship=link=correlation
24. young people=teenager=youth=in your teens=adolescent=minor
25. insight=comprehension=understandingphysical=relating to the body=bodily
26. hazard=risk=danger=threat
27. accompany=with=together=along with=come
28. mental=relating to the health or state of someone’s mind
29. possible=possibility=can=potential=there is a chance/possibility
30. reduction=decrease=drop=fall=cut
31. class=type=kind=sort=style=category=variety
32. increase=go up=rise=grow=climb=gain=escalate=pick up=widen=be on the
33. peer=your peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same
type of job, social class
34. community=all the people in a particular area, city, country
35. strategy=way=method=approach=technique=system=tactics
36. endanger=to put someone or something in danger of being hurt=damaged=destroyed
37. specific=give (somebody) more details=expand on=enlarge on=go into more=greater
detail=be more specific=be more explicit=elaborate
38. substance=a particular type of solid, liquid, or gas
39. surroundings=environment=circumstance
40. engage=give somebody a job=employ=take on= appoint = recruit = sign up
41. combine=mix=stir=beat=blend=whisk=dilute
42. survival=the state of continuing to live or exist
Cambridge 4 TEST 3
1. unpredictable=can’t say/tell=unforeseeable=it remains to be seen
2. objective=impartial=neutral=not take sides=unbiased=disinterested
3. explain=tell=say what/why/where etc=show=demonstrate=go through=throw/shed
light on=set out
4. outline= to describe something in a general way, giving the main points but not the
5. self-conscious=worried and embarrassed about what you look like or what other people
think of you
6. encourage=persuade=persuasion=get somebody to do
something=influence=encourage=talk somebody into=put somebody up to
7. loan= an amount of money that you borrow from a bank etc.
8. comment=remark=thing to say=point=statement=
9. crime= illegal activities in general
10. reject=to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with something
11. employ=give somebody a job=take on=engage= appoint=recruit=sign up
12. courier=a person or company that is paid to take packages somewhere
13. storage=keep=store=keep something in storage=preserve
14. facility=rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose
15. ambitious=ambition=power-hungry/power-mad=competitive= determined to be
successful, rich, powerful etc.
16. effort=to try very hard to do something= attempt=campaign=drive
17. feature= a part of something that you notice because it seems important, interesting, or
typical;a part of the land, especially a part that you can see: a part of someone’s face,
such as their eyes, nose etc
18. planet= the world=earth/Earth=the globe .
19. quotation= a sentence or phrase from a book, speech etc
20. machinery=machines, especially large ones
21. ultimate=someone’s ultimate aim is their main and most important aim
22. atmosphere= the feeling that an event or place gives you= the mixture of gases that
surrounds the Earth;
23. occur=happen=take place=there is=come about=come up=turn up=arise=strike
24. expand= get bigger=grow=swell up=stretch,
25. form= type= way something is/appears=shape
26. emerge=appear=become visible=come into view/come into sight=comeout=reappear
27. emit= to send out gas, heat, light, sound etc .
28. situation= circumstances=position=case=plight
29. purpose=aim=point=idea=objective=object=goal= target=end
30. generate= to make someone have a particular feeling=form=produce=create
31. various=there are several different types of that thing=different
32. convenient= a thing or way of doing something that is easy and quick; a time or
arrangement that is convenient
33. exemplify= example=case=instance=to be a very typical example of something=to give
an example of something
34. enquiry=investigate=make inquiries/enquiries=go into=probe=look into=solve=be
under investigation
35. observe=notice=can see/can tell=see=spot=detect=note become aware/conscious=catch
somebody’s eye=perceive
36. poverty= being poor
37. include=consist of=comprise=be composed of= be made up of,
38. focus on=deals only with=concentrate
39. affect=have an effect=have an impact=take effect= make a difference=impact
40. gained from=come from=be based on=originate= go back to=have its origins in=have
its roots in=derive from/be derived from=develop from/evolve from ….
41. concern=worry=stress=anxiety=strain= a feeling of worry about something important
Cambridge 4 TEST 4
1. official=formal=authorized=on (the) record
2. athletic=physically strong and good at sport=fit=be in shape=be in good condition
3. intensive=involving a lot of activity, effort, or careful attention in a short period of
time=rapid=crash course
4. burst=a short sudden effort or increase in activity=burst of anger/enthusiasm/temper etc
5. recognize=know=identify=pick out=tell
6. inadequate=not enough=too little=few=scarce=insufficient=be in short supply=lack of
something=be short
7. develop=come from=be based on=originate=go back to=have its origins in=have its
roots in=derive from=be derived from=be founded on=grow outof=develop
from=evolve from
8. enable=make something possible=allow=permit=pave the way for=clear the way for
9. predict=anticipate=forecast=foretell=prediction=projected=guess in advance
10. specialist=someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, or is very skilled at
11. theoretical=relating to the study of ideas, especially scientific ideas, rather than with
practical uses of the ideas or practical experience
12. basic= fundamental=essential=central=underlying= simple=crude
13. nature=plants/animals etc=somebody’s character=qualities of something=type
14. aim=purpose=point=idea=objective=object=goal=target=end
15. translate=change languages=interpret=put something into English/French/Japanese etc
16. ancient=belonging to a time long ago in history, especially thousands of years ago
17. realistic=when pictures, films etc make things seem real=lifelike=realism=true to
18. field=area=branch=world=domain=realm=sphere
19. document=a piece of paper that has official information on it;a piece of written work
that is stored on a computer
20. equal=the same in number, amount, level etc as something else adj.
21. influence=effect=side effect=impact=what something does to=the implications
22. behavior=manner=conduct=behave=well-behaved=good=be on your best=stay out of
23. compare=to examine or judge two or more things in order to show how they are similar
to or different from each other=liken=make a comparison=draw an analogy=draw a
24. economically=in a way that is related to systems of money, trade, or business
25. establish=determine=identify=pinpoint=diagnose=to start a new business or
26. sustainable=able to continue without causing damage to the environment; able to
continue for a long time
27. realize=know=be/become aware=can tell=appreciate=be conscious=know perfectly
well=know/learn from experience
28. limit=restrict=set/impose/put a limit=keep to/keep within=confine=fix
29. produce=form=create=generate
30. guarantee=promise=assure=give somebody your word=swear=vow=commit to=pledge
31. liberty=freedom=a free hand
32. independence=self-sufficiency=self-reliance
33. consistent=always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards
etc – usually used to show approval
34. underestimate=to think or guess that something is smaller, cheaper, easier etc than it
really is=to think that someone is not as good, clever, or skilful, as they really ar
35. provision=when you provide something that someone needs now or in the future
Cambridge 5 TEST 1
1. produce=develop=manufacture v.
2. central=middle adj.
3. did not have=without v.
4. bring=confer=award=present=grant=confer=allocate=offer v.
5. time limit=deadline n.
6. increase=go up/rise=grow=climb=gain=escalate=expand=pick
up=widen=intensify=build up
7. assistant=helper=coach n.
8. immense = big = major = considerable = great = huge/enormous = tremendous = large
scale/large-scale adj.
9. illustrate=show=be a sign=demonstrate=mean=make clear = reflect = tell=be
evidence=reveal v.
10. quotation=a phrase or sentence that is well-known or often used n.
11. predecessor=someone who had your job before you started doing it, n.
12. rival=a person, group, or organization that you compete with in sport, business, a fight
etc=competitor, n.
13. distraction=something that stops you paying attention to what you are doing n.
14. fault=defect=problem=trouble=flaw=weakness =bug=virus=be something wrong with
15. cornerstone=basis=foundation=the key n.
16. confer=award=present=grant=allocate v.
17. stability=the condition of being steady and not changing n.
18. prevail=win=come out on top=prevail=carry the day, v.
19. contract=agreement=understanding=compromise n.
20. grant=award=present=confer=allocate v.
21. fascinate=if someone or something fascinates you, you are attracted to them and think
they are extremely interesting, v.
22. disturb=interrupt=bother=distract=put somebody off v.
23. expect=think=anticipate, v.
24. psychology=the study of the mind and how it influences people’s behavior n.
25. obey=comply with=abide by=keep to=stick to the rules=conform
to=observe=respect=toe the line=go by the book/do something by the book, v.
26. identity=someone’s identity is their name or who they are n.
27. severity=used of the degree of something undesirable n.
28. unfold=open=happen=develop=expand, v.
29. deliberately=intentionally=on purpose=purposely adv
30. moral=relating to the principles of what is right and wrong behavior, and with the
difference between good and evil, adj.
31. prior to=before=previous
32. repetition=doing or saying the same thing many times n.
33. genetic=relating to genes or genetics, adj.
34. sacrifice=when you decide not to have something valuable, in order to get something
that is more important v.
35. victim=someone who has been attacked, robbed, or murdered n.
36. forge=form=counterfeit v.
37. persuade=convince=win over=talk around v
38. surrender=give in, v.
39. extinct=an extinct type of animal or plant does not exist anymore=disappear=vanish,
40. abundant=plenty=ample, adj.
41. exaggerate=overstate v.
42. phenomenon=something that happens or exists in society, science, or nature, especially
something that is studied because it is difficult to understand n.
43. perception=idea=notion=view=belief=insight n.
44. impression=infection=effect=influence=affection n.
45. entitle=to give someone the official right to do or have something / v
46. distortion=a change for the worse=deformation v.
47. dispose=to arrange things or put them in their places=arrange=settle=manage=cope
with=deal with v.
48. intuition=the ability to understand or know something because of a feeling rather than
by considering the facts=instinct n.
49. emission=a gas or other substance that is sent into the air, n.
50. diminish=reduce=decrease=fall=lessen=cut, v.
51. postpone=put back=delay=adjourn, v.
52. crucial=important=critical=vital=necessary=essential adj.
53. pessimistic=expecting that bad things will happen in the future or that something will
have a bad result=getting worse adj.
54. attempt=purpose=order=effort
Cambridge 5 TEST 2
1. similar=like=resemble adj.
2. derive=originate=come from=stem from v.
3. impetus = momentum =stimulus= incentive =motivation = encouragement, n.
4. generate=produce=bring into existence=make=manufacture v.
5. couple with=and=accompany=with v.
6. factor=reason=element=component=ingredient n.
7. unique=have the distinction=distinct=different=extraordinary=special adj.
8. advance=progress=development=growth=increase n.
9. field=domain=territory=industry=sector n.
10. alternative=substitute=replacement n.
11. like=such as=for example=for instance
12. resource=material=source, n.
13. limited=restricted=exhaustible=finite adj.
14. involve=rely on=contain=comprise, v.
15. current=modern=recent=present adj.
16. particular=extraordinary=special=detail=specific=unique, adj.
17. draw on=absorb=do with v.
18. settle on=make choice of=decide on v.
19. superiority=advantage=edge=high quality n.
20. accompany=when=keep company=be associated with, v.
21. view=belief=opinion=insight=perception n.
22. artificial intelligence=reasoning in machine n.
23. involve with=associate with=link to=relate to … v.
24. release=issue=launch=convey=public=deliver v.
25. difficult=demanding=hard=tough adj.
26. task=job=work=labour, n.
27. instantly=rapidly=immediately adv.
28. react=respond v.
29. relate to=depend on=link to=associate with=involve with… v.
30. subject views=outlook=personal/individual views=personal/individual opinions n.
31. distort=to change the appearance, sound, or shape of something so that it is strange or
unclear; to report something in a way that is not completely true or
correct=misinterpret v.
32. figure out=settle=decide=tell=understand v.
33. assessment=appraisal=evaluation=estimate=judgment, v.
34. emerge=appear=come forth v.
35. remain=keep=stay=maintain v.
36. exploitation=development=utilization=usage, n.
37. foster=cultivate=raise=nurture, v.
38. overtake=catch up=sweep over, v.
39. initial=original=premier, adj.
40. whereas=however=while=nevertheless=but=yet, adv.
Cambridge 5 TEST 3
1. outcome=product=result=conclusion=consequence, n.
2. overcome=win=get over=exceed, v.
3. insufficient=deficient=shortage=lack=scarcity adj.
4. supply=provide=furnish=give v.
5. launch=release=project=send=shot=emit, v.
6. suppose=expect=imagine=guess=speculate=think, v.
7. detect=perceive=explore=sense, v.
8. handicap=difficult=obstacle=hindrance=bar=deterrent, n.
9. peer=the people who are at the same age as you, or who have the same type of job,
social class etc., n.
10. positive=optimistic=uplifting adj.
11. administer=manage=conduct=implement=perform, v.
12. funding=money=funds=financial resource, n.
13. interact=if people interact with each other, they talk to each other, work together etc. v.
14. irrigation=the supplement of land or crops with water n.
15. sedimentation=the natural process by which small pieces of rock, earth etc settle at the
bottom of the sea etc and form a solid layer n.
16. interrupt=break=violate=cut in, v.
17. process=procedure=method=approach n.
18. threat=danger=intimidation n.
19. valuable=precious=worthy, adj.
20. construct=build=make=found v.
21. blame=to say or think that someone or something is responsible for something bad v.
22. stimulate=encourage=activate=motivate, v.
23. long-term=long-run=long-period adj.
24. impact=affect=influence=effect v.&n.
25. occur=happen=exist=come v.
26. contain=include=cover=possess v.
27. military=battlefield=martial adj.
28. separate=disparate=distinct=different, adj.
29. vanish=extinct=disappear v.
30. consciousness=awareness n.
31. ignite=light=inflame v.
32. encompass=include=contain=cover, v.
33. reckon=think=suppose=believe=imagine=expect=feel v.
34. widespread=universal=extensive=popular=general, adj.
35. launch=coin=project=release=issue, v.
36. contemporary=modern-day, present-day adj.
37. potential=possible=underlying=likely=expected=latent, adj.
38. prospect=expectation=outlook=chance, n.
39. perception=idea=insight=viewpoint, n
Cambridge 5 TEST 4
1. community=organization=group=body n.
2. fragile=delicate adj.
3. remote=distant adj.
4. require=desire=order=command v.
5. inhabitant=resident=dweller, n.
6. consequently=thus=accordingly=hence=therefore=as a result, adv.
7. destination=goal=end point=terminus n.
8. throughout=around=wholly=everywhere=end-to-end adv.
9. operate=act=run v.
10. output=product n.
11. decline=reduction=fall=slump=decrease=recession n.
12. undermine=destroy=damage=hurt=ruin v.
13. revive=renaissance v.
14. unusual=rare=strange=uncommon, adj.
15. ordinary=standard=common=usual=general, adj.
16. fragment=shard=debris=pieces=ruins n.
17. break=shatter=crack, v.
18. interior=inner layer=inside n. &adj.
19. insist=claim=argue=believe=think, v.
20. expand=extend=grow=boom=spread out=enhance, v.
21. suppress=control=restrain=repress=put down = oppress = inhibit= ban= forbid = stifle
22. speed up=increase speed=quicken up=accelerate speed v.
23. examine=analyse=survey=inspect=study=detect=investigate, v.
24. dispute=debate=controversy=disagree=argue, n.&v.
25. detect=analyse=explore=research=survey=investigate=inspect, v.
26. claim=say=state=insist=argue=think=believe v.
27. cue=implication=reminder=hint=evidence, n.
28. unpredictable=fluctuate=changeable adj.
29. be referred to as=be known as=be regarded as
30. encourage=induce=trigger=stimulate=boost=inspire, v.
31. considerable=plenty=big=major=important adj.
32. regardless of=despite of=take no notice
of,adequate=plenty=proper=appropriate=suitable, adj.
33. assure=make sure=guarantee=ensure=insure=secure=make certain of, v.
34. suitable=appropriate=proper=adequate=matching adj.
Cambridge 6 TEST 1
1. exchange=apply something learned in one to others=change v.
2. expertise=skill n.
3. employ=analyze=study v.
4. investigation=analysis n.
5. narrow=focus on v.
6. reproduce=copy=replicate=repeat v.
7. funded support=finance n.
8. athlete=sportsmen and women n.
9. calculate=measure v.
10. event=championship n.
11. plan=prepare=design v.
12. improve=grow=get better v.
13. trade=economy n.
14. transport=import or export=deliver v.
15. local=domestic=native=indigenous adj.
16. weakening=less=reduced=decreased adj.
17. value=worth=price=credit=use=benefit=profit n.
18. delivery=export or import n.
19. nearby nations=geographic neighbours n.
20. international=ocean=global=worldwide adj.
21. shipping=freight n.
22. cargo=freight=goods n.
23. tariff=charge=fee=tax n.
24. landscape=environment=nature=surrounding=circumstance=view n.
25. difficult=harsh=demanding=tough=challenging adj.
26. essential supplies=food and clothing=necessities n.
27. supply=provision=support n.
28. grow=increase=rise=improve=go up=boost=expand=extend v.
29. respect=credibility=weight=hour=admiration=consideration n.
30. understanding=knowledge n.
31. well-being=health n.
32. impossible=out of the question=unlikely adj.
33. catch=exploit=capture v.
34. surrounding=environment=circumstance n.
35. push to one’s limits=test one’s limits
36. not unmanageable=can cope with
37. present inhabitant=descendant
38. give up=abandon
39. mainly=heavily=most
40. visit=venture

Cambridge 6 TEST 2

1. successfully=spectacularly well=wonderfully adv.
2. people power=local pressure groups n.
3. commute=travel v.
4. higher=increasing=more adj.
5. income=wealth=salary=wage=payment n.
6. beneficial=valuable=profitable=good adj.
7. together=face to face
8. refute=not mean=rebut=deny v.
9. accommodation=live=living condition n.
10. usage=use=benefit=profit n.
11. averagely good=reasonable but not special
12. limited=minimal adj.
13. move from one to another=adopt one over another
14. show=reveal=uncover=indicate=point out=imply
15. related=associated adj.
16. suffer=be afflicted ()v.
17. research=study=investigation=survey n.
18. affect=afflict=influence=change v.
19. disease=medical complain=illness n.
20. increase=surge=rise=gain=grow=go up=add=escalate v.
21. link=correlation=connection=relationship n.
22. considerable=significant=substantial=massive=marked adj.
23. reduction=drop=concession=fall=decrease n.
24. elderly people=old people n.
25. independent=self-reliant adj.
26. regular=daily adj.
27. exercise=physical activity n.
28. challenging=difficult=tough=demanding adj.
29. decline=deteriorate=reduce=drop=decrease v.
30. lonely=emotionally isolated adj.
31. hand signal=gesture=body language n.
32. restricted=limited adj.
33. concept=abstract idea=definition n.
34. specific=particular=detailed adj.
35. early=older adj.
36. fulfill=qualify=achieve=keep=satisfy v.
37. sufficient=enough adj.
38. quantity=how many=amount n.
39. misunderstanding=confusion n.
40. prevent=resolve=forbid=stop v.
41. poor=lack of=impoverished adj.
42. newer=later=recent=present adj.
43. ancestor=early people=predecessor n.
Cambridge 6 TEST 3
1. teach=educate=cultivate=nature v.
2. actor=star n.
3. first=initial=early=primary adj.
4. storyline=narrative=plot n.
5. globe=world n.
6. early=first=ancient
7. passing of time=flow of time
8. describe=tell
9. realistic=achievable
10. target=goal=aim
11. feedback=comment=advice=criticism
12. match to=suit to
13. reward=promotion or advancement=prize=benefit n.
14. link to=make something contingent on=associate with=connect with=relate to
15. achievement=attainment=gain=success n.
16. remuneration=payment
17. tend to=prone to
18. feel=perceive=think=find=experience=notice=have an opinion
19. participate=be involved in=take part in=join
20. staff=employee=worker
21. visible=disclosed=obvious=noticeable
22. clerical worker=clerk
23. judge=rate=criticize=assess=evaluate=gauge=appraise .
24. job=work=assignment
25. delay=slow=prolong=postpone=procrastinate=shelve=put off
26. growing old=ageing
27. people=mortal=people=individual
28. life=lifespan
29. chance= likelihood= fortune= hope= possibility =opportunity =risk=luck
30. production=generation=output
31. theory=hypothesis=guess=guesswork
32. focus on=emphasize=aim at=concentrate on
33. short=scarce=limited=insufficient
Cambridge 6 TEST 4
1. drug company=pharmaceutical company
2. common=persistent=normal=usual=ordinary=everyday
3. increase=escalate=rise=go up=grow .
4. research=study=survey=investigation
5. work=be an effective way=be useful=help=achieve=succeed=have an
effect=happen=turn out
6. technique=strategy=skill=expertise=method=way .
7. effective=useful=beneficial=good=needed
8. moral=ethical
9. legitimate=have every right to do=legal=right=authorized
10. money=profit=benefit=income=currency
11. adults=men and women
12. maternal=mother=female
13. education=literacy=cultivation
14. child=infant=kid
15. approximately=about=around=nearly
16. impressive=greatest=touching=unforgettable
17. programme=campaign=project
18. promotion=marketing
19. be halved=decline by 50%
20. key=most important=crucial=critical=significant
21. produce=develop=generate=engineer=manufacture
22. detailed=explicit=specific
23. on its own=alone
24. however=but=yet
25. self-confidence=assertiveness=confidence
26. criticism=judgement=skepticism=disapproval=denunciation
27. distinguish=recognize the difference=differentiate
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1.important = crucial (extremely important), significant(amount or effects large enough to
be important)
2.common = universal, ubiquitous(if something is ubiquitous, it seems to be every where)
3.abundant = ample (enough and usually extra), plentiful (enough for people’s needs and
4.stick = adhere, cling (hold on something tightly)
5.neglect = ignore. (difference: neglect means someone has not paid enough attention to
something; ignore means no attention.)
6.near = adjacent (two things next to each other), adjoin(the same as adjacent)
7.pursue = woo (man woos woman, old-fashioned), seek (if you seek sth, you try to
obtain it. FORMAL)
8.accurate = precise (precise is exact and accurate in all details), exact (correct in every
9.vague = obscure (unknown or known by only a few people) = peak, summit
11.competitor = rival, opponent (especially in sports and politics)
12.blame = condemn (if you condemn something, you say it is very bad and
13.opinion = perspective, standpoint(means looking at an event or situation in a particular
14.fame = prestige (describe those who are admired), reputation = erect (you can erect something as buildings, FORMAL), establish
16.insult = humiliate (do something or say something which makes people feel ashamed
or stupid)
17.complain = grumble (complain something in a bad-tempered way)
18.primary = radical (very important and great in degree), fundamental
19.relieve = alleviate (alleviate means you make pain or sufferings less intense or severe)
20.force = coerce into (coerce means you make someone do something she/he does not
want to), compel
21.enlarge = magnify (magnify means make something larger than it really is)
22.complex = intricate (if something is intricate, it often has many small parts and details)
23. Lonely = solitary (if someone is solitary, there is no one near him/her)
24.small = minuscule (very small), minute,
25.praise = extol (stronger than praise), compliment(polite and political)
26.hard-working = assiduous (someone who is assiduous works hard or does things very
27.difficult = arduous (if something is arduous, it is difficult and tiring, and involves a lot
of efforts)
28.poor (soil) = barren, infertile (used to describe the soil is so poor that plants cannot be
planted on it)
29.fragile = brittle, vulnerable (someone who is vulnerable is easily hurt emotionally or
physically) = demonstrate (to demonstrate a fact means to make it clear to people.)
31.big = massive (large in size, quantity, or extent), colossal (use this word, you
emphasize something’s large), tremendous (informal)
32.avoid = shun (if someone shuns something, she/he deliberately avoid that something
or keep away from it.)
33.fair = impartial (someone who is impartial is able to give a fair opinion or decision on
34.attack = assault (physically attack someone), assail (attack violently)
35.dislike = abhor (abhor means you hate something to a extreme extent for moral
reasons), loathe (dislike very much)
36.ruin = devastate (it means damage something very badly, or utterly destroy it.)
37.always = invariably (the same as always, but better than always)
38.forever = perpetual (a perpetual state never changes), immutable (something
immutable will never change or be changed)
39.surprise = startle (it means surprise you slightly), astound (surprise you to a large
degree), astonish(the same as astound)
40.enthusiasm = zeal (a great enthusiasm), fervency (sincere and enthusiasm)
41.quiet = tranquil (calm and peaceful), serene (calm and quiet)
42.expensive = exorbitant (it means too expensive that it should be)
43.luxurious = lavish (impressive and very expensive), sumptuous (grand and very
44.boring = tedious (if you describe something tedious, you mean it is boring and
45.respect = esteem (if you esteem someone, you respect and admire him/her. FORMAL)
46.worry = fret (if you fret about something, you worry about it)
47.cold = chilly (unpleasantly cold), icy(extremely cold) = boiling (very hot)
49.dangerous = perilous (very dangerous, hazardous) (dangerous, especially to people’s
safety and health)
50.only = unique (the only one of its kind), distinctive;
51.stop = cease (if something ceases, it stops happening or existing)
52.part = component (the components of something are the parts that it is made of)
53.result = consequence (the results or effects of something)
54.obvious = apparent, manifest
55.based on = derived from (can see or notice them very easily)
56.quite = fairly
57.pathetic = lamentable (very uncomfortable and disappointing)
58.field = domain (a particular field of thought, activities or interest)
59.appear = emerge (come into existence)
60.whole = entire (the whole of something)
61.wet = moist (slightly wet), damp (slightly wet), humid (very damp and hot)
62.wrong = erroneous (incorrect or partly correct)
63.difficult = formidable
64.change = convert (change into another form)
65.typical = quintessential (this word means represent a typical example of something)
66.careful = cautious (very careful in order to avoid danger), prudent(careful and
67.ability = capacity, capability (the same as ability)
68.strange = eccentric (if some one is eccentric, she/he behaves in a strange way, or
his/her opinion is different from most people) affluent (if you are affluent, you have a lot of money)
70.use = utilize (the same as use)
71.dubious = skeptical (if you are skeptical about something, you have doubts on it.)
72.satisfy = gratify (if you are gratified by something, it gives you pleasure and
73.short = fleeting, ephemeral (if something is ephemeral, it lasts a short time)
74.Scholarship = fellowship
75.smelly = malodorous (used to describe an unpleasant smell)
76.ugly = hideous (if something is hideous, it is very ugly or unattractive)
77.attractive = appealing (pleasing and attractive), absorbing (something absorbing can
attract you a great deal)
78.diverse = miscellaneous (a miscellaneous groups consists of many different kinds of
79.disorder = disarray, chaos
80.crazily = frantically (used to describe someone who behaves in a wild and
uncontrolled way)
81.rapid = meteoric (ATTENTION: meteoric is only used to describe someone achieves
success quickly)
82.ordinary = mundane (very ordinary and not at interesting or unusual)
83.despite = notwithstanding (FORMAL) = optimal (used to describe the best level something can achieve) = acute (severe and intense)
86.unbelievable = inconceivable (if you deem something inconceivable, you think it very
unlike to happen )
87.puzzle = perplex (something perplex someone means it confuses and worries him/her
because he/she does not understand it)
88.method = avenue (a way of getting something done)
89.famous = distinguished (used to describe people who are successful in their career)
90.ancient = archaic (extremely old and extremely old-fashioned)
91.decorate = embellish (embellish means make something look more attractive via
decorating it with something else)
92.possible = feasible (if something is feasible, it can be done, made or achieved) = consequently, accordingly
94.rare = infrequent (doesn’t happen often)
95.greedy = rapacious (greedy and selfish)
96.individuals,characters, folks = people,persons
97.nowadays = currently
98.dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill = be less impressive
99.reap huge fruits = get many benefits
100.for my part, from my own perspective = in my opinion


Word Synonyms
dumb stupid, dense
early premature, beforetime
empty drain, unload
fast rapid, quick, swift
fat chubby, plump, stout
follow succeed, trail
friend comrade, buddy
quiet silent, hushed, tranquil
sad unhappy, dejected, gloomy
stop quit, cease, terminate
strong powerful, mighty, potent
win triumph, succeed, prevail
abandon desert, forsake
combine blend, unite, join
comical amusing, funny, humorous
complete conclude, finish
concur agree, cooperate
confess admit, acknowledge
conflict oppose, differ, clash
confuse complicate, muddle, jumble
connect join, link, attach
constantly always, continually
convenient handy, accessible
courage bravery, valor
courteous polite, civil
defy resist, challenge
delicate fragile, dainty

demolish destroy, wreck
depart leave, exit
humble modest, unpretentious
identical alike, duplicate
idle inactive, lazy
ignorant uninformed, unaware
immaculate spotless, pure
imperfect marred, defective, faulty
keep save, protect, guard
kind considerate, tender, thoughtful
least fewest, minimum, smallest
magnify expand, enlarge, exaggerate
maximum greatest, uppermost, highest
mediocre fair, moderate, so-so
mend repair, fix
minor lesser, inferior, secondary
mirth merriment, fun, laughter
mobile moveable, changeable
mourn grieve, lament, bemoan
naughty bad, disobedient, wrong
neat clean, orderly, tidy
nervous ruffled, flustered, perturbed
normal ordinary, typical, usual
obey mind, heed, comply
synthetic man-made, artificial
tender delicate, gentle, affectionate
terrible dreadful, horrible, vile
abbreviate shorten, condense
abundant ample, sufficient
insufficient inadequate, deficient
intelligent bright, sensible, rational
interesting provocative, engrossing
lament mourn, grieve
legible readable, clear
adamant firm, unyielding
adjourn postpone, recess
antagonize provoke, embitter
apparent obvious, evident
atrocious dreadful, contemptible, vile
authentic genuine, real, factual
barren unproductive, infertile
concrete real, tangible, solid
exquisite delightful, charming, lovely
extravagant extreme, excessive, luxurious
fertile fruitful, productive
flippant impudent, sassy
gallant chivalrous, stately
hostile antagonistic, aggressive, militant
immune resistant, exempt
migrant drifting, traveling, transient
militant combative, aggressive, warlike
momentous important, powerful, outstanding
morose gloomy, sullen, moody, glum
negligent careless, derelict, inattentive
nonchalant indifferent, lackadaisical, blase

oblivious unconscious, preoccupied, dazed
obnoxious offensive, abominable, repulsive
obstinate stubborn, bullheaded, adamant
ominous threatening, menacing
outrageous preposterous, shocking
savage uncivilized, barbarous
scrupulous meticulous, ethical, fastidious
spontaneous instinctive, automatic, natural
stationary fixed, immobile, firm
stimulate rouse, stir, motivate
strenuous vigorous, laborious
subsequent following, succeeding, latter
tangible concrete, definite
trivial insignificant, worthless
turbulent tumultuous, blustering, violent
turmoil commotion, disturbance, fracas
unbiased impartial, unprejudiced, fair
valiant courageous, brave, heroic
vicious malicious, spiteful, ferocious
virtuous moral, righteous, angelic
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